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 My name is Jach McKeown, thanks for checking out my site! I recently graduated Magna cum laude from UC Irvine where I studied Philosophy and Film + Media. Over the years I have done many different kinds of work, everything ranging from my own photography and video work, graphic design, copywriting, web design, and most recently, radio production.


I have had many different experiences in life, and I feel like these, along with my educational background, has prepared me to offer a unique perspective on whatever comes my way, whether that be photos for a wedding, copy for a social media post, writing for a radio show or podcast, or a graphic for website. People are unique and dynamic, and nobody is truly defined by one thing. With this in mind, I have found freedom in knowing that I don't have to do or be one thing for the rest of my life, so I am eager to move onto the next journey, whatever that may be! 

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